Idea Isolation

So often when you work on a project you have no idea where it’s going. Its quality is uncertain during the development period.  You have to carry your own water through a vast desert without knowing how far it is to the next watering hole.  You have to have faith and nurture it along until other people can determine if they want to share in your vision, especially if your idea is riskier than usual.

I know that the idea behind Shanaenae White and the 7 Clones is out there.  I can see it reflected in people’s expressions when I share it with them.  I guess I was surprised that there would be push back on the name Shanaenae!  What’s so wrong with giving Snow White’s daughter a name that sounds like a Motown song?  I expected heads to be scratched over the clones, the drones, and weird little science monsters in the show, but the title character name?  Everytime I say or hear her name it makes me smile.  I’m hoping it will have the same effect on other people, until then I’ll have to carry this bucket of water on my own.  I don’t mind, I just keep envisioning the smiles on the otherside of all this writing, drawing, and polishing.. so much polishing!