Geriatric Flash

Flash is on assisted living these days, but back when it was young and spry it knew a trick or two.  I have love for Flash, especially back in the day when it was owned by Macromedia.  Before I had a computer that was powerful enough to do motion graphics and video, it was my medium.  I learned a lot about programming and design tinkering and building projects in it.

Today however most mobile browsers exclude it and the few who don’t are soooooo slow, SO SLOW that it’s no surprise that it’s not supported.  After a decade of gathering dust I have reposted these old projects here for your enjoyment.  Please remember you’ll only be able to play these from a desktop.  The first of the links is actually a music video commissioned by Herbie Hancock’s label Transparent Music.  It was an enormous labor of love but it definitely looks dated by today’s standards, but it’s still got charm.