Why Shanaenae? : Inviting or Fighting Racism

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I have been cautioned to avoid naming one of my cartoon characters Shanaenae.  I’ve tried to explain, Shanaenae was already a cartoon character in everyone’s mind.  After gracefully tolerating the Zeitgeist’s backwardness for far too long Shanaenae came to me and asked me to apply my public relations skills to her good name. She’s smart, strong, funny, and brave. So why is her resume going to the bottom of the pile?

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Little Orphan Annie

There was once an unwanted street urchin that no one believed in, but with her pluck and optimism she got millions of people through the hardest days of the Great Depression of the 20th Century.  My great hope is that, in time, Shanaenae will become a name synonymous with courage and wisdom.  Why should her opportunities be limited just because a few people aren’t comfortable pronouncing her name?  Aren’t we denying ourselves the chance to experience what she’s really capable of?  It’s high time we let Shanaenae’s light shine.