One Nation, Under Gods

The gods are real. Unbelievable? Well what are gods? You know those little funny or sentimental pics that you pass around on the internet all day long? Memes aren’t just jokes or religious boasts shared on the internet. Memes are ideas that have a life force of their own. Much like a virus they have no body but they use living things to replicate and spread themselves. They live through you and me. Could it be that we’re all infected with ancient gods buried deep deep within our unconscious? Could you be secretly harboring transporting and spreading a war god with your daily life?

Well, do you enjoy a good murder mystery or cop show? Do you like watching the villain get punished? Do you watch battles in movies and television with zeal? Do you play games? What if every time you watch a episode of Game of Thrones or play a game of World of Warcraft or Magic the Gathering or enjoy a story about a superhero with mythic powers you are actually bringing Odin a little more into our our world? But Odin is just a character from a story barely remembered or known by most people, correct? Even on the show, he was just abandoned here by the Vikings right?

In American Gods why is Odin’s identity kept a secret? Why does it take so long for Shadow, an every man who represents present day Americans, to understand who Wednesday actually is? Why doesn’t Wednesday just tell shadow that he’s Odin? Don’t religions evangelize and advertise? Could it be because Odin’s presence has been kept a secret from most Americans? Even today if you were a pagan in Christian America, would you exactly advertise that to everybody that you work with or you do business with? Or would you keep it a secret? And if you kept it a secret, what kind of system would you use to make sure you only revealed your belief to someone of like mind?  Might you have a secret signals that you could use to find each other in public? Would you use a ring with symbols on it, a special handshake? Perhaps you might use cryptic phrases that only someone initiated would have an answer for? Does that sound like something out of a spy story? Maybe there’s a reason for that. What if there was a secret faith, hidden in plain sight? In the early days of America whenever the English colonists were trying to throw off the tyranny of the King there were botherhoods that used their secret handshakes and codes to ensure they only shared military intelligence with other revolutionaries. They reached out to their brothers in France to align against the king. Some of them lynched traitors to the cause as sacrifices to Odin, to win his assistance with the outcome of the war.

To join a brotherhood one must be willing to take an oath on pain of death to keep the secrets of the order. To be initiated into a brotherhood one had to participate in rituals where you were grabbed by a mob and mock hanged to drive home the consequences of revealing the order’s beliefs. This is the same culture of secrecy our intelligence institutions grew out of. Every American Institution touched by the Freemasons is still infused with their philosophies. The secrecy allowed them to establish a nation dedicated to neoplatonic pagan ideals in the guise of a Christian country. Who’s eye sits at the top of the eye of the pyramid on the dollar bill in your pocket? It’s ole one eye himself. Odin is the secret father of our nation.

“People believe, thought Shadow. It’s what people do. They believe. And then they will not take responsibility for their beliefs; they conjure things, and do not trust the conjurations. People populate the darkness; with ghosts, with gods, with electrons, with tales. People imagine, and people believe: and it is that belief, that rock-solid belief, that makes things happen.” – American Gods, chapter 18

Can’t see the influence of Odin’s philosophy in America? Well why is this nation always in a state of perpetual war? Why does America sometimes feel like one elaborate con job? But aren’t we becoming more and more of a scientific, reason-based, atheist country? Well, what philosophy is driving our thirst for knowledge and our refinement of technical craft? Why is science so comfortable with sacrificing animals and people for insight and understanding? Hasn’t every great scientific understanding come at an enormous price? Hasn’t there been an enormous sacrifice for you to be able to know the scientific paradigm that we exist in today? Your irreverence, cynicism and self righteous anger are all qualities of Odin as well. What if it doesn’t matter what you consciously believe? What if your actions are actually being driven by philosophies that are deeply embedded into the soil of our world? Where do our impulses and desires come from if not our unconscious beliefs? What if America’s confusion is the result of not knowing the origins of our philosophies? What if the madness of America is entirely because this is all unexamined?

I could evangelize and attempt to persuade you, but that’s not how this understanding has been traditionally shared. If you feel disturbed or resistant to these ideas, I encourage you to Google. You may find the questioning very insightful and come to a new understanding of who we really are as Americans. I dedicate this post and your quest for knowledge to Mr. Wednesday.