Substituting Stories

When the Nazarenes were surrounded by the Romans and their exponentially encroaching order, they believed in something called a substitute myth, something fictional they knew was created for them to inspire them to survive because so much had been forgotten from before that the myths they lived by to order their lives were destroyed by the formation of the Roman empire. They had to abandon it because they knew it wasn’t working anymore.

They took what they remembered of the Egyptian myth of Osiris and Isis and Set and reframed it for their times. Jesus was mythically real, not historically real. He was a character like in an HBO series that lived a tale that helped people understand themselves. People understood it was fictional not actual. His tale was about the masculine and the feminine and how they worked in balance with culture holders and nature to continue their way of life through time.

Their philosophy was actually that change is required for true immortality, because nature IS change and to resist it to chose death for everything, to break natural balance of flora and fauna. Their most fundamentalist elements believed even farming was against nature, but the dreams of the cities had other demands. The cities grew and grew till there were so many people that there wasn’t enough nature to support it. We’ve been catching up our biotech to manage the crisis ever since through exponentially more farming, mining, and fishing.

When the Romans seized the Christian brand, they had begun losing respect for the feminine, they mutated the story for their own interests. In the new story Mary Magdalene was no longer his wife, instead she was retold as a sex worker he rescued. Even this was probably an attempt to preserve some wisdom of Isis as sex workers certainly are fountains of wisdom if they are truly loving.

Her reframing was the beginning of disrespect of women. The earlier Romans revered Athena, it was even a shift for the Roman women, many of whom were actually quite powerful. It was like they were turning on their own gender. The effects have triggered toxic masculinity and a near amnesia for the sacred feminine.

The Romans killed the Christian myth and it just took this long to truly die because parallel organizations emerged in the attempts to assassinate it. Each preserved mutated understandings of the original story like a hellish game of telephone. Now, Christianity as a brand is something completely beyond any sense of understanding.

If you allow yourself to feel your way through suffering of Westworld you’ll find yourself imagining a new substitute story for Christianity, reframed for our times. Don’t look for any of the familiar imagery, just feel out the philosophies until you come to your own conclusions. It was very clever of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, if supported the effects could be AMAZING. It could seriously help people get out of confusion about their origins and how we got to this place and perhaps find a new morality built around the necessity for survival through change. We need inspiration and understanding right now. Westworld is a gift, take it!