BBC News – Doctor Who regeneration was ‘modelled on LSD trips’

In an internal memo dating from 1966, producers outlined how the original Doctor, William Hartnell, would be transformed for his successor Patrick Troughton. It also tackled the “horrifying experience” of the regeneration. “The metaphysical change… is a horrifying experience – an experience in which he relives some of the most unendurable moments of his long […]

The Origin of Sherlock Holmes The year was 1877. Dr. Joseph Bell, a brilliant surgeon and lecturer at Scotland’s prestigious Edinburgh University Medical School, was standing next to one of the hospital’s patients. His students – including 18-year-old named Arthur Conan Doyle – stood around him as he motioned to the patient and systematically ticked off his first observation about […]

The Tardis Tour

I just couldn’t resist.. makes me feel like I’m 9 years old again.. like seeing the inside of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.. [youtube id=”IT1Rr9-kG8s” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

We Know Not Where

As I lazily cruised about exploring the Syn Nebula and enjoying the beauty of this new found wonder of nature, my ships sensors began to pick up a weak radio signal… Just as I emerged through it a hole in the outer wall of the nebula revealed a most beautiful sight, an Earth-like planet orbiting […]