• Cinematic Suburban Mysteries of Gregory Crewdson
    “What I am interested in is that moment of transcendence, where one is transported into another place, into a perfect, still world.“ -Gregory Crewdson The scenes are laborious to capture, but one glance and you are captive to the questions provoked by the details. 1,000 stories spring to mind, but the more you look the… Read more: Cinematic Suburban Mysteries of Gregory Crewdson
  • Trippin Thru Town Series
    In honor of Bicycle Day and the work of  Albert Hofmann Trippin Thru Town is a video art series inspired by his unexpected ride. The NFT space is flooded with lazy style transfer pieces, but I’m still fascinated by what these deep learning applications can generate, particularly with a little coaching and encouragement. For this… Read more: Trippin Thru Town Series
  • Vision Series
    I’ve spent the last year exploring ways to engage people’s interest in archival and historical footage. One of the methods that emerged that I love to play with is neural filters or style transfer. There are a wide variety of deep learning tools available to create these images, some barely out of the lab while… Read more: Vision Series