Vision Series

I’ve spent the last year exploring ways to engage people’s interest in archival and historical footage. One of the methods that emerged that I love to play with is neural filters or style transfer. There are a wide variety of deep learning tools available to create these images, some barely out of the lab while others are new features on the latest edition of Photoshop.

I usually begin by hunting out media on

My color palettes are inspired by the fluorescing of blacklight posters but after I cross process colors I tend to find unexpected palette combinations.

After I’ve figured out my colors and my clip I head over to DaVinci Resolve, whip out some Fusion nodes and get to work.

If this series does well, I’ll definitely create more, it’s a fun process, and I’m happy to share what I learn along the way.

All Seeing Iris is available on HEN:

Eye Diadem is available on HEN:

Seeing Is Believing is available on HEN:

You can find the other series that I’ve released to HEN: