Future Social Networks

Below our feet in the old growth forests, a vast Internet composed of roots and mycelial fibers connects a community of life forms that regulate and sustain life. Much like electromagnetic waves a few hundred years ago, we’ve just discovered this aspect of nature. The implications for biology and computer science are intriguing.

What New Myths Are Ahead?

Beowolf was written at a crossroads between ages. The characters in the poem straddle both pagan and christian values and struggle with their inconsistencies. It was a product of ages of dynamic oral storytelling translated into a medium that while more permanent, ceased to be as meaningful to later generations. Verbal lore could be adapted […]

Change of Heart

Will we reconnect with nature and find our place in the world once again or will our seemingly endless consumption devour the environmental states that allows us to continue to live? Cultivating reverence for the world around us seems like it should be moved to a higher priority.

Paradigm Shifts

To maintain perspective, everyday I expose myself to the latest images and insights into the cosmos from JPL, NASA, ESA, and soon the CNSA. The solar system is very active! Our understanding and sensory capability is expanding everyday. Understanding the cosmos is more critical to understanding the moments of human activities than most are comfortable […]

Gravity Falls No More!

Stephen Byrne  melted both of my hearts with this Gravity Falls / Doctor Who mashup.  Doctor Who is what first inspired me to want to be a creative person and Gravity Falls has been an endless source of joy and my most trusted muse over the last year. Check out more of Stephen’s stuff here! I […]

It’s NOT About Carrots

Daniel Pink is brilliant at communicating the passions of inventive people.  I loved his book “A Whole New Mind,” if only more business leaders would pay attention to his ideas.   The changes he begs us to make are surprisingly easy and relatively painless but there are status and ego barriers at risk.  I do […]