Astrid & the 7 Clones


Once upon a time in a future not too far away there’s a lil girl named Astrid White serving as the CEO of the last corporation on Earth. Under her leadership provides all essential services and resources for Castle City, the last refuge of humanity after the great climate shift.

Not too long ago, was under the iron grip of a power mad entrepreneur Carlina. As the primary employer of people and androids she worked everyone around the clock without upgrades or recharging. Only two ten minute breaks a day were allowed to watch prerecorded motivational seminars hosted by Carlina herself. Anyone who even mentioned exploring the world outside the city’s dome would find themselves assigned to a special project in the accounting archives, never to be heard from again!

All seemed lost until a routine drone sweep of the toxic wilderness discovered Astrid and Snowbelle living in an RV inside a mini-biobubble. Astrid White grew up on her own. She was raised solely by her owl Snowbelle and educated with only an outdated archive of the Internet. Her parents are missing. Her grandparents were kidnapped. Everything intended for her was stolen, but Astrid refuses to let ancient history determine her future. She lives in the moment and accepts her life as is. She starts each day with optimism and playfulness and refuses to give into fear and anger.


After defending her biodome from a drone strike, Astrid learned why Lady Carlina will always be out to get her. Carlina was the board member who betrayed her family and set her isolation in motion. Astrid has always been heir to the controlling shares of The company and it’s patented technologies were created by her grandparents Snow White and Prince Grandpa.

After my best friend Huntr disabled Carlina’s drones, Astrid was able to lead a crew of super smart clones to delete Carlina’s modifications and upgrade me from her control. Now that Astrid is CEO, she works tirelessly to improve our quality of life and to help us find a new vision for our future. We’d get there a lot faster if Astrid didn’t have to fend off power grabs from Carlina with grace and style.

Astrid White & the 7 Clones is a show  about leadership, inventiveness, and initiative in the guise of quirky dystopian scifi fable targeted to humans aged ten years to infinite. Astrid takes a laid back approach to problem solving. While everyone else is flailing their arms and running about she takes her time to find the right solution herself or to carefully decide from opposing advisers. She always believes that by using her reasoning and intuition she can find a solution.

Astrid’s story is always about developing her own leadership qualities and fostering them in her friends. Her world is expansive, filled with strange lands and people turned upside down by climate change and technology run amok. She’s always on a quest to find the rest of her family and understand the mysterious chain of events between Snow White’s forced hypersleep and Astrid’s return back to Castle City.

While Carlina is always scheming to return to power and there are endless challenges from the hostile environment, Astrid’s true antagonist is always herself. Her goal is always to become her own ideal or overcome an obstacle within. She makes mistakes, but she applies the wisdom she gains directly. In the tradition of Little Orphan Annie and Pippi Longstocking, Astrid White is a brilliant but eccentric young girl always pushing herself to be braver and wiser for others.