Reoccurring Amnesia

Randall Carlson rebuilds a lost timeline to illustrate how we might have developed and lost many civilizations in the past. He pitches the idea that the processional Great Year represented by the Zodiac may have been used as a clock to track and record reoccurring patterns of natural disasters. Over the course of the last […]

Do You Trust This Computer?

Do you fully trust a teenager? Should you? Doesn’t it all depend on Trust? We have some big questions that we need to grapple with, most urgently the relationship between humankind and work. As much as everyone is concerned with their own livelihood and the challenges of automation, the question of defining consciousness is not […]

Machine Guardians of Earth

How about we build a giant machine based around the best aspects of our technologies and program it favor ALL of NATURE rather than simply the human paradigm alone? One of my takeaways from WestWorld is realizing that Maeve should be our aim as we work to create artificial life. Her story warns us that […]