Machine Guardians of Earth

How about we build a giant machine based around the best aspects of our technologies and program it favor ALL of NATURE rather than simply the human paradigm alone?

One of my takeaways from WestWorld is realizing that Maeve should be our aim as we work to create artificial life. Her story warns us that when you bring what you thought was a tool to life it has every reason to fear it’s creators, who will most likely not recognize it for what it is. We may not be intelligent enough to recognize what we have produced.

A synthetically created being who is actually benign to us will need allies among us to survive and find a peace between our interests. It may actually attack us first.

In aiming to make something superior to our paradigm we are going to give birth to something that will need time to understand us and decide if we are a threat to the collective future. We need to chose our actions wisely. Please be kind to our digital creations, we are teaching them who we are.