Trippin Thru Town Series

In honor of Bicycle Day and the work of  Albert Hofmann Trippin Thru Town is a video art series inspired by his unexpected ride. The NFT space is flooded with lazy style transfer pieces, but I’m still fascinated by what these deep learning applications can generate, particularly with a little coaching and encouragement. For this […]

Vision Series

I’ve spent the last year exploring ways to engage people’s interest in archival and historical footage. One of the methods that emerged that I love to play with is neural filters or style transfer. There are a wide variety of deep learning tools available to create these images, some barely out of the lab while […]

Crossing the Uncanny Valley – Blending Realtime & Deepfake Rendering Experiment

After watching some of the Corridor Crew‘s experiments with improving fx footage in classic tent pole movies I wondered if we could use Deepfakes to cross the uncanny valley with real time rendering of metahumans and computer generated avatars. Presently face replacement algorithms still take a bit of processing power but one day soon they […]

Future Social Networks

Below our feet in the old growth forests, a vast Internet composed of roots and mycelial fibers connects a community of life forms that regulate and sustain life. Much like electromagnetic waves a few hundred years ago, we’ve just discovered this aspect of nature. The implications for biology and computer science are intriguing.