It’s NOT About Carrots

Daniel Pink is brilliant at communicating the passions of inventive people.  I loved his book “A Whole New Mind,” if only more business leaders would pay attention to his ideas.   The changes he begs us to make are surprisingly easy and relatively painless but there are status and ego barriers at risk.  I do […]

Right Here, Right Now

Living in the here and now at least for a short period of time is better for your brain.. The researchers report that those who meditated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks had measurable changes in gray-matter density in parts of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. The findings […]

Galactic Bubbles Bigger Than You Can Comprehend

It’s not dark matter.  That’s as disturbing to scientists as it is clarifying.  Many theorists were hoping it was the illusive and still unproven substance.  It might have solved the mystery of why galaxies spin without flying apart.  Instead it turns out to be something more detectable that sends researchers scratching their heads and scifi […]

What Have We Forgotten?

I was inspired to write Rise and Shine after many years of reading books and watching Discovery Channel specials about anomalous historical artifacts.  Our past is merely a fairy tale we make up based upon very limited evidence rescued from the harsh forces of entropy. Decomposition, corrosion, and the meddling hand of man erode away […]