Galactic Bubbles Bigger Than You Can Comprehend

GammaraybubbleIt’s not dark matter.  That’s as disturbing to scientists as it is clarifying.  Many theorists were hoping it was the illusive and still unproven substance.  It might have solved the mystery of why galaxies spin without flying apart.  Instead it turns out to be something more detectable that sends researchers scratching their heads and scifi writers scrambling to speculate it’s meaning: gamma ray bubbles.  Not only is at massively incomprehensible field of gamma ray energy it seems to be contained within a a tightly defined shape as if it were inside an invisible balloon.  The size and intensity of the energy is scarcely within the imagination of most of us. My mind is boggled by their energy, one estimate calculated they are as big and as strong as 100,000 supernovae.




(thx to Rudy for sharing)