Crossing the Uncanny Valley – Blending Realtime & Deepfake Rendering Experiment

After watching some of the Corridor Crew‘s experiments with improving fx footage in classic tent pole movies I wondered if we could use Deepfakes to cross the uncanny valley with real time rendering of metahumans and computer generated avatars. Presently face replacement algorithms still take a bit of processing power but one day soon they […]

Paradigm Shifts

To maintain perspective, everyday I expose myself to the latest images and insights into the cosmos from JPL, NASA, ESA, and soon the CNSA. The solar system is very active! Our understanding and sensory capability is expanding everyday. Understanding the cosmos is more critical to understanding the moments of human activities than most are comfortable […]

Galactic Bubbles Bigger Than You Can Comprehend

It’s not dark matter.  That’s as disturbing to scientists as it is clarifying.  Many theorists were hoping it was the illusive and still unproven substance.  It might have solved the mystery of why galaxies spin without flying apart.  Instead it turns out to be something more detectable that sends researchers scratching their heads and scifi […]