Golden Gate Park Time Portal Tiltbrush Illustration

I’m working on a story about displaced time travelers from Golden Gate Park. I’ve been aching to try out Tiltbrush for months.  This was my first effort and I’m proud of it.  It took me longer than I hoped, but I don’t think I could have learned the user interfaces and made it any faster. All of these 3d drawing tools are amazing but unpolished. They aren’t as stable, mature, or full featured as a tool from Adobe or Autodesk, but what they can do now is still jaw dropping. Once these programs all have layers, nesting/grouping, better undo than they will be serious workflow competitors.  It’s amazing how much 3D perception eliminates the need for so many tools or windows.  We’re on the edge of such amazing experiences, made by people without many resources. These tools level the playing field so much! Common brain, learn faster!!!