Mixing Reality with Friends

When I discovered MEOWWOLF, it felt like someone had tunneled into my mind and stolen my visions and dreams. The Atrium is a fully realized version of what I’m researching and exploring right now. Mixed Reality experiences offer so much opportunity for squad and family bonding. We have so many independent experiences offered to us constantly, and shared experiences seem to be undervalued.  The atrium is a powerful narrative tool to explore worlds real and imagined. A non-technical, seemingly magic experience driven by the participation of everyone in the group. they may have made a prototype of the “living room” of the future.  The way VR has taken over in our lives, I’m just not sure people will be sitting around on couches in the future. When augmented reality will takes over our living environments will we still want a sitting/living room or will it go the way of the dining room and morph into something else.

Just being able to explore Google Earth VR with other people will be mindblowing. I enjoy my Netflix as much as the next person, but the temptation to have more active immersive “entertainment” experiences with a group is very exciting to me.

It’s almost like going on vacations every evening with your crew!

The Atrium premiered at SXSW and will be toured as an exhibit I believe. Sign up for updates on their site: https://meowwolf.com/the-atrium/

Hopefully they will be bringing The Atrium to Las Vegas soon!